Yamaha R6

On this occasion, we worked on the Yamaha R6 PESCARA CORSE

Below you can find the chart with data collected through our Dynojet test bench

Final graph

Working to flow bench

Lift (mm) Flow% (standard head) Flow% (prepared head)
1.00 56 72
2.00 77 91
3.00 85 98
4.00 75 82
5.00 64 69
6.00 73 79
7.00 80 86
7.90 (h max) 86 91.5

Processing steps

Head engine
Test at flowmeter
The technical analysis of the results
Particularly during processing
Kit front conveyors for Yamaha R6
Complete with special air filter
They guarantee an average extra 4/5 HP at the wheel
Yamaha R6

Test bench at work

Graph from a test

Graph from a test

Head of the engine in test phase

Flow Bench, Yamaha R1, Pitot's tube for the individuation of sonic areas or areas of stalling

Technologies used in CEMES