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Fiat X 1/9

The engine of this car have is from Honda moto CBR 1100xx. This car have competed and dominated the italian championship of Autocross, category Sport with10 podium on 13 race(8 first place).Piloteted by the great Pietro Schiavon and made, obviously, by CEMES.

  • " bellissima Fiat X1/9 proto..."
  • "...Piero Schiavon con una X1.9 motorizzata Honda (un opera d'arte)..."

The Graph and Data
Graph at Flow Bench

  • RED curve: Auto aspiration conduct standard,carburatore standard.Diametro valvola 32,diametro stelo 5.5, num. valvole 2
  • BLU curve: Auto aspiration conduct worked with FCR 41mm.Valve diameter 32, Stem diameter 5, num. valve 2 worked and air cornets

Data at Flow Bench: worked motorbike with FCR 41mm