Banco prova Dynojet

Our test room, available for companies and private individuals, has a Dynojet 200 CE test bench, with a high inertia roller capable of simulating the resistance which the vehicle meets in movement. It is by far the most used system in racing, with a sophisticated hardware capable of reading various parameters (among the most important: temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure of air taken in, etc.). It is capable of guaranteeing an unequivocal parameter recognized in the whole world. Our bench also has a particular frontal ventilation system as if the vehicle was on the road. This is certified (the airspeed was measured using an anemometer with various test conditions documented). The tests can be:

  • 4th gear (that which is conventionally used in the world as reference)
  • testing of various gears
  • acceleration and transmission dissipation test

N.B : tests do not stress the vehicle in any damaging way, nor do they prejudice its reliability.


Test Room
Dynojet 200 CE
Test Room on work
  • Conveyors for dinamic air
  • Interface for data input
Test Room on work